The Simplest way to Make more Money AND Serve your Clients...

If you’re like most attorneys, growth opportunities are hard to find… and expensive when you do.

And most of us are too busy to pursue anything other than serve the clients that we already have anyway.

But The Freedom Plan Trust Partner Program changes all that.

All YOU need to do is great work for your client – and then make a short introduction to The Freedom Plan Trust.


Estate Planning for Attorneys

The Freedom Plan Trust

Baby Boomers and Elder Millennials, Social media and the real estate value/investment boom of the last decade have all made creating a Trust, for the right financial demographic, a regular topic of conversation.

And no matter what your specialty is, your clients are coming to you at a point of transition. Some kind of life changing event that they rely on you to help them through.

Adding zero-touch estate planning with The Freedom Plan will serve them and fill your coffers at the same time.

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Why will your clients love the Freedom Plan?

Peace of mind. You know that feeling that you inspire in them when they feel like they’ve taken care of things – their personal finances, their business books, their financial future? That’s what awaits them at the other end of the Freedom Plan process. Their estate plan, wills, powers of attorney, and legacy are ensured.

And they’ll love working with the Freedom Plan to accomplish all that because:

It's Simple

The Freedom Plan Trust makes estate planning simple and understandable, which is beneficial for clients who may find the topic daunting. Our personal, educational videos along the way make it so.


Unlike the all-online fintech approach – the Freedom Plan includes live zoom consultations with a Trust Specialist. They get personal attention and their questions answered by a real person.


Because the clients go through a series of online forms before they speak to a Trust Specialist, they’ll save THOUSANDS vs the traditional route.


Clients can craft their plans from the comfort of their homes, making it easier for them to take the first step in estate planning.

Earning from your recommendations

The Freedom Plan team knows the power of a good recommendation – and we want to make it easy for you to earn money for yours.

So you’ll be provided with a specific link that coded just for you. Whenever you recommend the Plan you send that link along with your recommendation.

When that client visits the site and completes the Trust application it will be attributed directly to your recommendation. Simple!

Here’s how it works:

#1: Sign Up
Any professional with a good reputation and current client base that fits the Freedom Plan demographics. Complete the short application form and you should be approved quickly. 
#2: Learn More
You’ll want to know what the Freedom Plan IS and how it can make a big difference in your clients future. That’s why we developed a short, regular webinar JUST for you. After you’re done, you’ll feel great about sharing the Freedom Plan with your customers. 
#3: EARN More

Yes, you’ll get all the customer-retaining benefits of introducing a valuable service to your clients – building trust and loyalty – AND get paid while you do.

Take the first Step – Sign up to become an FP Affiliate Now!


Normally you’ll be approved within 3 days.
The price varies depending on the complexity of the estate, but most people spend between $1500 and $3500.

We’ll review the revenue share models available with your on our call. But let’s just say – you’ll be happy with amount you can make!

Payments are made 21 days after your referral completes the Freedom Plan Trust.

You can email and we’ll reply within 24 hours

  • Monthly FP Affiliate Plan Webinar
  • Social Media Graphics for you to post
  • (ask about getting your OWN branded affiliate page!)
  • Professionally authored email templates to introduce your clients to the Freedom Plan

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