What Does a Trust Lawyer Do?

What is a Trust Lawyer AND what do they actually DO? The short answer is that a trust lawyer is an attorney with a focus on all things having to do with creating trusts. That typically includes Estate Planning and sometimes Elder Law as well. Keep reading below and we’ll discuss more about role of […]

What Happens When YOU Die?

What Happens When You Die: The Legal & Practical Realities “What happens when You die?” Not from a religious or philosophical standpoint, but a practical one. Questions like: What happens next? What legal steps to r heirs have to go through? What happens to the bills? Will my family need an attorney to handle the […]

Is having a Will Enough?

Estate planning is an important process that involves making decisions about what happens to your assets, property, and belongings after you pass away. Two common tools used for estate planning are wills and trusts. Each serves a specific purpose and can be essential in ensuring your wishes are carried out. To determine whether you need […]